So Apocalyptic

Let us run a thought experiment in which everything Evangelicals believe is actually true. Now let’s all set our secret decoder rings, aka The Book of Revelation, to see how this crazy world will all turn out. For those unfamiliar … Continued

Three in the Evening

after Richard Brautigan   I’m sitting at the cigar bar, drinking a low carb beer. My ex is lounging in the pit, whispering to another man. So I shout on my way out, “Oh, for heaven’s sake!” Opposites always add … Continued

Welcome to America

His wife said           Baby, are we gonna be okay See Your drastic determination To protect your ideology Led to the separation Of this man’s family His daughter said           Daddy, why … Continued


She came to play And she came to win it I matched her play Not knowing she been it Then it Occurred to her When it Occurred to me That she Been it been it Then it Went left for … Continued

Magic Rant

The Rant would like to know why all World Cup soccer teams appear to have left their day jobs as male models. The Rant had a man crush on the entire Iranian team. Ronaldo is simply an angelic being sent … Continued


Stop wondering child Dreaming is a waste of time Just learn to exist Stop eating fat ass You make me uncomfortable Go somewhere and hide Stop pretending girl Who said you are beautiful? They tell truthful lies Stop running dear … Continued

Renea 5:16

for my late mother   confess                       WE                                  the your              … Continued

What Was It

What was it about me that me made unequal           Was it my skin, my hair, my lips, or my nose What was the defining factual evidence           To break me from … Continued

African American Rhetoric

To the question                          Would America be America                          without Christopher Columbus? I answer knowing that the question … Continued

When I Leave You Behind

When it hurts to remember I want to be a breeze to forget Like your first memory Like your first heartbreak Let fade the warmth of my smile And the cashmere caress of my fingers against your skin Like film, … Continued