Submission Guidelines:

Special Section: In the spirit of Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year, Calliope Crashes invites submissions reporting, reflecting, and transforming the COVID-19 outbreak.

Any genre welcome. We want you to shape your experience and observations into art. Poems, stories, collage, and traditional narrative are all welcome. Max word count is 1000. We have no interest in comments venting anger, frustration, and conspiracy theories. That’s what your social media is for.

You will receive a byline in the text of the post to facilitate more immediate publication. Paste the text of your submission directly into your email and send to editor  @  Please use subject line, “Plague Year.” We look forward to reading.



Calliope Crashes seeks to engage the culture in a fresh and entertaining way without the use of PEDs. We do this on the macro and micro level.

On the macro, we welcome articles about any facet of popular culture and its meaning. We want to look at the big picture rather than address the momentary hysteria. As such, we are not interested in reviews unless they open on to a wider topic or trend in the culture. Take a look around to get the feel of the place and the approach.

On the micro level, we are looking for personal stories that illuminate what it means to live right now or back then or how the two embrace. No experience is too big or too small if it is well expressed.

You can submit articles to:

1) The Hurdy Gurdy, our daily blog. Articles should be 500-2000 words. You will receive a byline and undying glory for your clip file. Send submission to: editor @ calliopecrashes .com.

All submissions should be pasted directly into the email at the address listed above. In the subject line be sure to specify which section of the site for which you seek consideration.

All submissions should be original, not appearing online or in print prior to publication. Calliope Crashes acquires first serial rights. All other rights are retained by the author, because we’re not evil.

We look forward to you joining the circus.