Tiger Hood

After leaving the Sonia Sanchez talk at NYU, Jason and Terry go to have drinks at Fat Black Pussycat on West 3rd Street. Once inside, they order a pitcher of beer and grab a table. Every flat screen is showing … Continued

Dinner for One

Lyla’s Café, located on 125th and Amsterdam in New York City, is a mere two blocks from my apartment building. It’s well known for its French fries—and perhaps other things too, but I couldn’t tell you. It’s been open for … Continued

You Play with Matches, You Get Burned

“For that man be delivered from revenge: that is the bridge to the highest hope for me, and a rainbow after long storms.” – Nietzsche It is widely known that Heidegger’s career had at least two periods wherein his position … Continued

Hypothetical People

Some time ago, never mind how long, with time off school and a desire to expand my horizons, I took up residence at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. Say what you will about Oklahoma, but even though a state-sponsored program, … Continued


Every film festival has its own niche, its special vibe, its thing. Toronto overwhelms you with volume, volume, volume. Sundance operates as a hype machine. Telluride prides itself on offering the North American premiere for most of its screenings, and … Continued

Pull Up the Floor

This concert featured the appearance of a Dancin’ Girl, a development that threatened the very fabric of existence and your cherished way of life. It’s better that you never realized the peril your family and loved ones faced. We bravely … Continued

Surviving BRS

From roughly 1977-1982 Burt Reynolds owned the American box office. The period marked the culmination of a steady climb to prominence beginning with Deliverance, continuing with The Longest Yard, and exploding with Smokey and the Bandit. Grossing an incredible $126 million, Bandit would be a … Continued