Little Girl Red

for Black Wall Street    Sit down and count your fires What have you said? They want him dead Sit down Count your many fires You quarrelsome little girl red Sit down and count the buildings Burning for you It’s … Continued

Silent Scream

Vulnerability setting in They were twenty hearts and souls All fighting for a piece of one Buried under    the depth    of need Unable to bear the weight  

Rant O’Plenty

The Rant remembers just thirty minutes ago with all the yammering heads declaring the death of the Cavs, and the passing of torches, and the wisdom of trading your entire team for Celtics coach Brad Stevens because he could take … Continued

Coming of Age

What are we waiting for?         We asked in 1999         when spring saw blood in Columbine, What are we waiting for?         We asked in 2005         … Continued

Dear America

Diversity and inclusion are two vastly different things But diversity won’t reign supreme so long as inclusion is but a dream You see, diversity gets me in the door but inclusion demands more It demands that my voice be heard … Continued

Johnnie Made Ya Walk

In the end I met with the boy In the mirror Holding on to a long bottle And a square He thought he knew Despair Yet his twisted temptations Drew out the dragon’s claws And a mouth Of fire He … Continued


for all mothers We Because You You Because We All Because Love  

You, Too

after Langston Hughes   You, too, write America. You are the darker storyteller. They don’t honor you, ‘Cause they refuse to see you. But after failing To correct their vision, They go blind. Tomorrow, You’ll shed light On who you … Continued

As You Dance

you say it’s hard to make your heart flutter right now and i can almost feel the fear and hesitation in all of those words maybe you’re scared that your heart is empty right now that what’s about to happen … Continued