Exploratory Rant

The Rant has formed an exploratory committee. We have no idea what this means, but everyone else is doing it, and we don’t want to get left behind like we did with the whole K-Pop thing. We love you Super … Continued


The Rant briefly considered a shutdown, but then the bartender quickly caved to our demands for an old-fashioned. That’s the real art of the deal. Know what to ask for and where to ask for it and win every time. … Continued

Third Rant from the Sun

The Rant would like to remind you the Earth does not care one jot or tittle about our existence. Because the Earth abides, dude. Easy come, easy go. The dinosaurs thought they were all that, too. Unless Captain Orange and … Continued

Rant Reborn

The Rant observes: The head ref for the PlayStation-What-Happened-to-our-Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was whiter than a Mormon potluck. And we’re back, baby! Let’s not get all weepy or hurl accusations about our absence. The Rant has to maintain a certain level … Continued

Magic Rant

The Rant would like to know why all World Cup soccer teams appear to have left their day jobs as male models. The Rant had a man crush on the entire Iranian team. Ronaldo is simply an angelic being sent … Continued

Rant O’Plenty

The Rant remembers just thirty minutes ago with all the yammering heads declaring the death of the Cavs, and the passing of torches, and the wisdom of trading your entire team for Celtics coach Brad Stevens because he could take … Continued

The Rant Has No Name

The Rant prepares to attend the kick-off for U2’s latest world tour. We have seen U2 on many occasions. Once in Vegas, we watched the opening act Damian Marley employ a dude that did nothing but wave an enormous Jamaican … Continued

Readin’, Writin’, Rantin’

The Rant says: The Revolution will be spelled correctly, because here in Oklahoma, the teachers have walked. Fed up with ten years of the systematic gutting of public education by the state legislature, they finally said enough. How bad is … Continued

Almost Dialed In

I have no complaints about the breadth and quality of the Indie music scene: my cup runneth over. But lately, supporting the up and coming kids has become increasingly taxing. The logo for the International Indie Music Union should be … Continued