On the Fourth Day of Rantmas

Ranatics, can you believe it, the fourth of day of Rantmas? To be  honest, The Rant expected to find ourselves face down in a puddle of rye and our own tears by now. Yet we’re both sane and sober. Ish. … Continued

On the Third Day of Rantmas

The Rant finds it amusing when people claim they like reading a site that does nothing but link to other content. That site offers nothing original friends. Don’t be fooled with this cheap trick. They just want you to want … Continued

On the Second Day of Rant

The Rant wonders if Magic Johnson asked Santa for a helicopter parent in his stocking. We doubt it. Five rings and in the debate for NBA G.O.A.T. could not quell the fury of daddy LaVar Ball. Coming out of the … Continued

On the First Day of Rant

The Rant hears you Ranatics.  The tens of you.  We know it’s been a tough year and you want, nay require, some Rant and eggnog to get you through your parents’ bizarre and rambling conspiracy theory about how poor Roy … Continued

Rant Neutrality

The Rant realizes we should ratchet up the rantics, and the alliteration, because when net neutrality ends, and we can’t pay the toll for the digital Autobahn, our site will load slightly faster than a 1MB file on a dial-up … Continued

Predetermined Rant

The Rant recently beheld the following click-bait: “You Wont’ Believe Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo.” Oh, internet. Unless the Biebs had a Medieval allegory decrying the evils of usury with ink containing nanobots capable of animating the entire production, we had … Continued

Yours for Four Easy Rants

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant wants to review The Bradford Exchange Holiday Catalog, but first we have to address the baby monkey in the room. To wit, the Bradford Exchange Holiday Catalog contains a disturbing number of baby monkeys. Those … Continued

The Rant Gets T’d Up

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant is shocked, shocked to learn bribery has been occurring in college basketball. Actually, if you are shocked, The Rant suspects you fancy a version of the game played with peach baskets and the two-handed set … Continued


While busily sending thoughts and prayers to those afflicted by tragedy and suffering And liking the meme that perfectly encapsulates my political position while devastating the opposiiton And hashtagging for the cause And putting the trolls in their place in … Continued

So Apocalyptic

Let us run a thought experiment in which everything Evangelicals believe is actually true. Now let’s all set our secret decoder rings, aka The Book of Revelation, to see how this crazy world will all turn out. For those unfamiliar … Continued