for Miss Black Tulsa 2018   Born a lamb in the Year of the Dragon, destined to fly high yet raised a caged bird, singing songs in A minor, pulled wagon for the dough, not for the ‘Gram, hummingbird eloquence, a … Continued

Americano Poetica

They say they like The Americano Rich smooth dark Its color A booming black Its essence A chaotic craze   It sends signals Through my spine To my mind I must acknowledge The tempting times Forced to consider A wishful … Continued


More than a thing in a haystack often associated with Cleopatra herself having no connection to you in London, Paris or New York   You’re the sole reason Momma and Daddy groovin’ in Oklahoma were ever soul mates   And … Continued

Ladybug Reloaded

for a real one   We met four years after you needed healing after you became the living dead after your first husband shot down all your dreams after his loaded pistol targeted your self-confidence after he fathered a child … Continued

Readin’, Writin’, Rantin’

The Rant says: The Revolution will be spelled correctly, because here in Oklahoma, the teachers have walked. Fed up with ten years of the systematic gutting of public education by the state legislature, they finally said enough. How bad is … Continued

Tiger Hood

After leaving the Sonia Sanchez talk at NYU, Jason and Terry go to have drinks at Fat Black Pussycat on West 3rd Street. Once inside, they order a pitcher of beer and grab a table. Every flat screen is showing … Continued

Devil in a Red Dress

Dressed to the nines in bright green opposite her spirit radiating her nature unassuming she entered the party turning heads begetting whispers as married men staring death in the face wedding bands ignored failed to see what lies beneath the surface of her … Continued

Solo (Reimagined)

Who dares to stand before others and deliver?   Who’s got the gall to go at it alone— all alone, unaccompanied, solo?   The soloist is brave, confident yet sometimes terrified, petrified   it’s hell on earth and the city’s on fire … Continued

Almost Dialed In

I have no complaints about the breadth and quality of the Indie music scene: my cup runneth over. But lately, supporting the up and coming kids has become increasingly taxing. The logo for the International Indie Music Union should be … Continued