What was it about me that me made unequal
          Was it my skin, my hair, my lips, or my nose

What was the defining factual evidence
          To break me from a powerful code

Was it the village where me and my ancestors rejoiced and danced
          Was it our innovative ways that you never saw beyond a glance

Was it our pride, our love, our blackness you didn’t understand
          Was it the power that we commanded from child, woman, and man

What was it about me that made me unequal
          Was it the inconsistencies of your mind that continued to remain feeble

Was it our cerebral or that we were regal
          Was it the natural element defined in our people

Where was the truth in the position only you understood
          Was it the melanin that mimics the soil and firmness of wood

Was it our ingenuity, our creativity, the passion for our land
          Was it the belief we had in phrases like “Yes We Can”

Was it Huey P, Bobby Seale, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King
          Was it the righteousness we had when we figured out the dream


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