Calliope Crashes has finally arrived.

Sure, maybe you haven’t been pining for yet another internet entrant, but we have been thinking about a place like this for a very long time. A place to write and think about the many ways popular culture collides with ideas and identity and meaning. A place to ruminate rather than just shout the loudest. A place for originality instead of mere aggregation.

We’ll look at the big moments that happen in the culture and the small moments that make up our personal experience in that culture. Hopefully we can amuse and challenge and be a place you enjoy for a fresh perspective.

We want to hear from you, too. Make an observation or tell a story from your life and submit it to our blog the Hurdy Gurdy, or work out that theory you have about comic book heroes or steel pedal guitar for Going Long, our essay section.

Welcome to the show. Hope you’ll visit us regularly in the center ring.

Shawn Crawford–Publisher



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