The Rant finds it amusing when people claim they like reading a site that does nothing but link to other content. That site offers nothing original friends. Don’t be fooled with this cheap trick. They just want you to want them. That was a Cheap Trick reference for you kiddies out there. We love when the kids say they are Old School because they listen to music from 2015. Such simpler times.

When The Rant offers links, we offer them back to our own material. Yes it’s a shameless way to pad the post, but it’s a good, honest shameless.

Let’s start with White Christmas and Vera-Ellen’s 17-inch waist.

Then head over to It’s a Wonderful Life and Lionel Barrymore’s pants.

We look back on our best Christmas gift ever . . . then narrate the worst holiday ever, bomb shelter included.

And a listicle to bring it all home.

The Rant remains far too humble to point out our prodigious output here at Calliope. Management should perhaps take this into consideration when the setting of salaries arrives. Now that would be a Christmas miracle.


One Response to “On the Third Day of Rantmas”

  1. Rick

    You killed – really. (You, dog, own the fire hydrant!)

    This is a great quote:

    Walker Percy argued you feel the most alive and strangely contented during the worst moments of your existence, and that you will harbor a longing and nostalgia for such experiences you can’t explain.



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