The Unpredictable Fluid of Time

Unlike predictable, protest-board-applicable-things this uncaged boomerang returns the plague. Barbs jut in the neck of a dozen deserving men. The difficult decision is to stay the course or stay alive. Let’s lock onto the horizon, see that (from this embankment) … Continued

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pandemic

I Wallace Stevens published the poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” in 1917. The poem references Connecticut, where Stevens would hunker down as an insurance executive for the rest of his life, handling lawsuits from rejected claims. What … Continued

The Solace of Syrup

I  have need of pancakes, which is to say I have need of a Syrup Delivery System. Not even the Village Inn can botch a short stack, so I head up the street to the one near my house. Carbs … Continued