The Rant asks: guess who’s getting a tax break? Not you my brothers and sisters. Unless you bathe in the tears of the children making your designer shoes and pay someone to register surprise because you’re Botox-ridden face can’t, you get nothing but a big ole tax hike under this Oligarchy-Ayn-Rand-Fantasy Tax Reform. This gem was crafted by the 1% for the 1%. Now get off their lawns. Unless you’re the undocumented immigrant they pretend to despise while paying indentured servant wages under the table keeping the bluegrass green and trimmed.

So now that you’ll be paying more in taxes, probably should think about giving to charity and upping your deduction. The Rant says wrong again my fellow serf. The new bill does not include a universal deduction for charity and the new standard deduction will make it impossible for everyone but the top 5% of earners to itemize. Estimates project a reduction of between $18-$24 billion in charitable giving annually. Less money for you. Less money for charity. Less essential services for everyone!

Too bad you didn’t choose a New York slumlord for a father and to inherit a fortune and then declare bankruptcy several times to stiff all the people you ruined and to prove inept at running even a casino (a casino!) and then manipulate the tax code to make yourself even richer. Your poor choices are about to make you even poorer. At least that’s what the 1% tell The Rant as they take tequila shots from a woolly mammoth horn they created from DNA discovered under a melted glacier. Enjoy.

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