The Rant briefly considered a shutdown, but then the bartender quickly caved to our demands for an old-fashioned. That’s the real art of the deal. Know what to ask for and where to ask for it and win every time. If Captain Orange would just go to Home Depot and order 2,000 miles of chain-link and a few thousand post-hole diggers, he could declare victory and put all this nonsense to an end. Nancy could sashay about town with her Magic Gavel and do the same.1

The Rant will tell you a secret. If you really want to end the shutdown then shut it all down. All two million Federal civilian workers should make it clear that as long as one employee has been told to work like an indentured servant for free, no one is working period. But that’s illegal you might protest. Whatever. Why do we turn a blind eye to the illegalities of our politicians rigging the system and enriching themselves and then get all self-righteous when a woman busting her ass to put food on the table suggests that perhaps she shouldn’t be asked to work for nothing as it strips her of dignity and imperils the well-being of her family?

The Rant wants to know at what mysterious point in our history did we decide to support a system that puts the beat-down on us economically and socially while demanding we defend that system to our very destruction? Let’s see how brave Captain Orange is when his Secret Service detail disappears. Let’s see how arrogant Mitch and Nancy are when there’s no one to serve them uninspected food from the Congressional cafeteria. Good luck flying back home on your taxpayer-funded trip that can no longer take-off without air traffic controllers and TSA staff.

All the millionaire and billionaire government officials telling us we-just-have-to-take-it-because-that’s-how-the-world-is should go fend for themselves for awhile. The world can become anything we imagine. The Rant likes to imagine an America where those taking food out the mouths of hard-working people don’t get to eat either.


  1. In the midst of our new Government-by-Kafka (Come for the absurdity; stay for the malaise!) The Rant would like to stop hearing about the catastrophic consequences of not “appealing to the base.” You understand what your base is? Your base is the base that will vote for you even if you put a pair of Fruit of the Looms on your head and start claiming the citizens residing on the third moon of Jupiter will pay for the wall. 20-30% of Americans are supporting Captain Orange even if he becomes a communist and declares martial law as part of his master plan to lock up Hillary. Get over it and start trying the persuade the rest of us, because The Rant is starting to like our hypothetical loon with the underwear chapeau more than our other options

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  1. Ben

    This Rant seems especially passionate, and with good reason. It does make one feel pretty helpless and confused as to how it got to this point. A big big shake up is needed, but the question is how and where will it come from.


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