The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant stood on the corner last night waiting for Teen:The Sequel to emerge from the Panic! at the Disco concert. We have already written about Panic! and Brendon Urie’s wondrous abs elsewhere. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a sociological field study.

The tween and teen girls traveled in tight knots discussing how this concert ranked among all the many times they had seen Disco before(General conclusion: This was the most awesome show ever, except maybe that one other concert). The Rant wondered if they had been attending Disco tours since they were zygotes. And who has been funding all these trips and tickets? We especially enjoy when the kids don the t-shirt they just purchased to prove they are at the concert they are currently at.

Two girls sitting behind us just couldn’t process the wonder that was Disco. One was crying and the other was imploring her not to cry this time. But she couldn’t help it: she just loves Disco so much. The Rant found ourselves transported back to a time when Elisabeth Shue elicited the same strong emotions, minus the crying. Maybe.

The Rant didn’t think the evening could get much better when we spotted Pretty Boy. PB had way too much going on to be a resident of Tulsa: Perhaps Disco flies him in to give the locals a thrill. PB’s hair appeared to be cut, colored, and styled using some sort proprietary technology not available to the general public. He somehow glided down the street while narrating the evening’s events into an HD video camera. Which he was holding. We have no doubt PB has several million followers on YouTube that hang upon his every word and perfectly coiffed strand of hair. But can you quote Milton, PB, can you? The Rant finds this to be small solace.

On and on the excited kiddies strolled past. We kept waiting for the inevitable appearance of Creepy Guy. You know the one. A little too old for Disco unless he’s there to chaperone the kids. Which he isn’t. Disco T-Shirt just a bit too tight for his paunch. Trying to rock a haircut like PB’s but failing miserably. Couldn’t even find a Creepy Gal to accompany him. Then there he was, right on cue. Complete with jeans tucked into his leather boots. Keep livin’ the dream Creepy Guy.

The Rant may have to start forgoing the music and just set up shop there on the corner. You get all of the entertainment for free with the added bonus of no ringing in your ears.

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