The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant was once dispatched to pick up a Very Important Editor of a Very Impressive Art Journal. He hailed from New York, full of sophistication and avant garde cred. Being Midwesterners, we were intimidated and nervous not to let our hick show.

The Editor turned out to be a complete bore. He had no interest in where he found himself, of those around him. of even art as far as The Rant could discern. He gave a canned speech at the event he was being paid to appear at that might have been interesting twenty years before. We trundled him back to the Land of Culture and declared good riddance.

Scientists have discovered that curiosity helps to raise a person’s level of happiness, to improve health, and to aid in the creation of lasting relationships. It turns out you can literally be bored to death.

Enlightenment in Zen literature often begins with a slap to the face; wake up and really see the wondrous all around you. A universe of inspiring mystery and aching beauty; a world full of people with the most amazing stories and wisdom; a life full of riddles to solve and knowledge to gather.

Surely we can do better than “9 Child Actors and How They Look Now (No. 4 Will Shock You)” while we wait for the next level of Boom Beach. The digital world exists to enslave your attention, creating the anxiety that you Might Be Missing Something. But in reality your are missing Nothing while Everything is happening around you. The Rant is available for enlightening slaps, free of charge.

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