The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant finds it endlessly amusing to watch nuns protest contraceptive coverage in the ACA. Why do all these religious groups act like they will be strapped to a gurney and waterboarded with birth control pills? Maybe when President Trump takes office but not yet. And the Little Sisters of the Poor know what contraception is for right? Orthodox Jews don’t worry about the price of bacon.

We know. We know. The nuns are concerned about all those girls gone wild nurse’s aides working in their retirement homes. The nerve of people caring for the elderly wanting to have responsible relationships. At least the sisters are sisters. The Rant notices certain religious men spend a whole lot of time telling women how they should behave and take care of their bodies and live their lives. All in the name of the freedom to decide how to behave and take care of your body and live your life for Jesus. We notice none of these groups are storming the Supreme Court steps to deny a man the right take Viagra because he might commit adultery under its spell. That woman in the tree house of lust in the Viagra commercial isn’t just knitting tea cozies up there.

The Rant will tell you a secret from experience: Certain Christians not only want the freedom to live how they want, they desire the ability to tell you how to live your life too. The religious hegemony that made that a de facto reality for much of our history has passed. When the gentle call of the spirit cannot beckon you to the loving embrace of Jesus, such people have no problem trying to handcuff you to their version of morality instead with the added of bonus of playing the martyr when you refuse.

The government forcing you into a gay marriage would be persecution; the state coercing you to take RU-486 after sex would constitute oppression; suing over not having the right to deny others these legal options is merely a self-righteous temper tantrum.

But The Rant says leave all that aside for a moment. The Gospels never admonishes believers to file legal briefs when faith is under assault. Rather, the call is clear to rejoice and resist. So The Rant says hunker down and head to jail if you are so certain Christendom is at stake. Refuse to comply and then refuse to pay the fine and then refuse to post bail until the state relents. Both Gandhi and Dr. King argued that the best place for just people in an unjust system is behind bars, shaming the culture that put them there.

The Rant senses the Redeemed will not be making a run on the prisons anytime soon.


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