The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant was just reminiscing about storming the beach at Normandy in the cause of freedom. Or was that Brian Williams? So hard to keep your heroics straight. I remember saying as much to Hemingway once. Or was that my mailman? 

The Rant is mighty thankful the intertubes, the bastion of integrity and accurate information, jumped right on Brian. Have twitter feed, will pontificate. Why doesn’t everyone settle down and go get vaccinated? Did you know washing your hands too often will cause you to grow a prehensile tail? Rand Paul told me and Chris Christie confirmed.

If you might permit The Rant to go Medieval for a moment: In 1534 a group of Anabaptists led by Jan van Leyden took over the city of Munster in Germany. Leyden and his followers believed the world was coming to an end and Munster would be the New Jerusalem. God would make all the kings of the world bow before Leyden. They created a communal system of government with all goods in common. Pretty sweet by Medieval standards even if their ideas were a bit kooky. But then Leyden decided God had told him everyone had to indulge in polygamy, and you were free to disagree, but you would be executed for your opinion. To prepare for the triumphant return of Christ, Leyden also decided everyone should get naked. Wearing pants=you guessed it, execution. By the time the whole sorry episode was over, people were eating each other and Leyden and his posse were swinging from metal cages on the bell tower of the church. The cages are still there as a cautionary tale.

Being sincere about something doesn’t make it true. And a bunch of people being sincere doesn’t make it more true. The internet has become the new Munster, where one pseudo-scientific utterance suddenly becomes a movement and everyone is wandering around naked and getting the measles. Then people are tragically, needlessly dead. And no amount of sincerity will bring them back. 

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