While busily sending thoughts and prayers to those afflicted by tragedy and suffering

And liking the meme that perfectly encapsulates my political position while devastating the opposiiton

And hashtagging for the cause

And putting the trolls in their place in the comments section

And proclaiming the complexities of truth in one hundred forty characters or less . . .

I thought of you my lovelies

Always saying yes when the community called

Always ready to schlep the equipment or the sandbags or the tables or the supplies

Always there and always present

Always willing to listen to the pain

Always believing the result would appear at the end of the mess of human interaction

Always being for and not against . . .

When did I give up on that?

Merely a member of the army of snark

Reacting ever louder, ever angrier, ever agitated

To excuse my inaction

Like a fallen monk lighting myself afire every day

Merely to watch the flames

Unaware of what I’m burning for


2 Responses to “Deactivate”

  1. Cindy Zimmerman

    This is a wonderful poem, and I find myself repeating what I asked myself after streaming a series of “Hoarders” episodes: “I’m not that bad, am I?” vs. “Let’s look at the commonalities instead of the differences, okay?”

    • Shawn Crawford

      As long as you reflect on who you are and what you want to continue to become, everything’s fine. That’s what I tell myself on lonely nights.


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