The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant wants to send a shout-out to the people over at SCOTUSblog for their stellar work in breaking down the decisions of the court. Even The Rant can follow their insightful and patient explanations of the finer points of law given the fact we believe tort reform involves changing your dessert recipe.

SCOTUSblog gave props to Justice Kagan for her sassy Spider-Man references in Kimbel vs Marvel Entertainment: “In this world, with great power there must also come–great responsibility.” Well played Justice Kagan. Well played. The Rant would like to see Kagan team up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg to form the superhero duo Justice K and The RBG. The utility belts under their robes would fire stays-of-execution at Texas and a mind ray that would make Scalia always side with Sotomayor.

Let’s commence to Rantin’: Rap mogul, fashion maven, and Ciroc sipper Sean “Diddy” Combs has a son playing football at UCLA. Dropping by practice the other day, Diddy took exception to strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi1 riding his boy about his level of fitness. The Rant had no idea Diddy was a helicopter parent, but he headed to Alosi’s office to kindly suggest he back off the criticism. Because Diddy does what Diddy does2, the conversation escalated into a potential brawl with Diddy swinging a Kettlebell.  Mr.Combs received a free ride via the LAPD.

We’ll let the courts decide if Diddy was Kettlebelling with intent or merely working up a sweat. What engages The Rant is the fact Diddy was charged with making terrorist threats. Terrorist threats? For going all little league parent on a strength and conditioning coach? Hmmm.

Meanwhile Charleston shooter Dylann Roof belongs to organizations hell-bent on destroying the African-American community, announces his intention to kill black people before doing so, yet vast swaths of America want to label him merely a disturbed lone gunman. Hmmmm.

The Rant has no aim of trying to exonerate Combs (because Diddy does what Diddy does), but we find it interesting that a black man brandishing exercise equipment immediately becomes a terrorist, while a white man massacring defenseless blacks becomes merely an aberration. Interesting indeed.

  1. Alosi rose to infamy when, as an assistant coach with the NY Jets, he tripped an opposing player on a punt return. Stay classy, Sal.
  2. This would have been the title of the greatest children’s book ever, co-written by Tupac and Dr. Seuss

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  1. emotimom

    “Kettlebelling with intent” – hilarious. I’m still laughing.


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