When weeks or months or even years have past

since you first imagined yourself starting a new


enterprise that you feel will positively impact your

life, but you haven’t yet actualized it, and you still


feel strongly about it today as you did the first day,

the source of the problem may be procrastination.


One way to solve this problem is to jot down what

the enterprise is and then list three steps only you


could do to get started. The enterprise is the goal

and the steps are the objectives. And only with the


latter can the former be attained. Sometimes we fail

to realize how powerful the mind and the heart are,


but there’s absolutely no stopping us once those

two functions are in flight mode. So wait no longer


to start your new enterprise, not because you’re

finally in a new year and resolutions are fashionable


at this time, but because your dream is long deferred

and will forever be if you don’t stop procrastinating.


9 Responses to “Wait No Longer”

  1. Dawn Lewis

    Just what I needed…sometimes we know but need to be reminded

    • Ricco Wright

      I, too, need to be reminded of the same. We’re all susceptible to procrastination. Having tools to help us overcome it when it arrives is always helpful.

  2. Terry James

    Moments of receiving are only as valuable as the receiver digests what is being received. No matter how many times, or in how many different ways, words of “Go” and “Do” literally become more than just operative words! Thank you my Brother and Frat, Dr. Ricco Wright! I love you my Brother!

  3. Kara


  4. Alfred Baldwin III

    I needed this bro!

  5. Dee

    Ughhhhhhh!!!!! My favorite poem since I was 12 DREAMS DEFERRED!!! LANGSTON HUGHES!!!! This stirs something in my soul as many of our conversations we have discussed being comfortable and stagnant in life!!! Thank you for the tools to become active and activate my dream!!


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