Goodness me. Weezer came out with a spectacular new album named Weezer (The White Album). I see what they did there, and I love it, Let’s get right into the review. This album explores so many Weezer things, like talking about California (a great thing to talk about when you’re one of the best SoCal rock bands ever, but it’s also them going back to their roots),

I’m going to say something, and it might just ruffle a few feathers, but do we have an album on our hands that’s maybe better than Green? There I said it; it’s out there for your thoughts because sure it talks about California and has amazing guitar solos, but it has one more thing. Something we’ve never had before. And that something is sadness. We’ve had sadness before, don’t get me started on “Say it isn’t So’, that song is lovely and gritty. However, on the song “Do You Wanna Get High?” it’s like you’re put through the experience of an addict and its delusions in a way only Weezer could portray it. Plus in the song you’d least expect it in, “L.A. Girlz,” get this: Weezer mixes SoCal and a jazz vibe; I know. My mind was just as blown as yours.

Let me put it this way there really isn’t much of this album that’s not perfect, especially considering the position they were in. Their last album Everything Will Be Alright in the End was extremely mediocre. I mean it was still okay but mediocre. Also, remember how I said that it was even better than Green? That’s because White Album is as beautiful but it also has more depth and guitar. Let me tell you folks, this isn’t just an album that passes by like some other albums. This will stand the test of listening to over and over.

Overall rating 9/10, Best song :”Jacked Up.” Worst song: I don’t have one

Have a fabulous day. You deserve it.

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