All that is left of you are words
Words you turned into colors
Colors you scattered across pages
Of your abbreviated life.

Shades of Blue:
            For tears shed by angsty adolescent daughter
            Who goes toe to toe
            Too often with her mother
            Over boundaries too confining.

Shades of Green:
             For gelatinous arrows of jealousy shot into older sister
             Because you crowned her:
             Something you never wanted to be?
             Oh, such sly, sly, envy.

Shades of Red:
             For a young woman lit
             By passion’s flame
             Skin tingling with desire
             Longing for her first kiss, her first love.

Shades of Black:
             For the night sky that granted you a peek at the world outside
             For the color of cloistered curtains shielding you
             From inquisitors who prayed for your soul
             To burn and fall to ashes.

Today, your words like ink-stained claws
Scratch faded colors
Burrow beneath iron pages of your broken history
Keep you alive and free
Tattooed to the skin of memory.

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