for Miss Black Tulsa 2018


Born a lamb in the Year of the Dragon,

destined to fly high yet raised a caged bird,

singing songs in A minor, pulled wagon

for the dough, not for the ‘Gram, hummingbird

eloquence, a muse like Calliope,

year after year, competing for the crown,

little star shining in her diary,

sprinter genetics, oft told to slow down,

a superwoman no one understands,

once blinded by a teenage love affair,

her life examined, lessons learned, the sands

of time passing, like feelings of despair,

but then a new day dawned, time to inspire,

now a phoenix rising, crowned girl on fire.


(Ricco WrightRaquel Jackson)


*Listen to the Queen playlist created by the poem’s author on Spotify*


30 Responses to “Queen”

  1. Diana

    All I have to say is that this was absolutely beautiful!

  2. Tanya aka TYG

    Dope…so proud of this writing. Speak on both of you on your journey. She will do great things…

  3. Elliott

    This is truly a gift to be able to write the way you do, she is a special young lady.

  4. Gabriel A. Hopkins

    This is one of your best works yet! To write such a wondrous poem for your daughter is truly exceptional. You’re the type of father that I inspire to be!

  5. B. Sherrance Russell, Ph.D.

    Excellent piece my brother. The journey is amazing and simply beautiful. Phoenix rising indeed. You are blessed beyond measure. Congrats !

  6. Angie

    Beautiful poem for your beautiful daughter! She will cherish it always. Keep em coming!

  7. Destini

    I loved it. It was beautiful.

  8. Kimeisha

    The love you have for this young woman on fire is clear for all to see. I love the connection to Alicia! I remember how much you both love her music. This is my favorite piece, Ricco! 🙌🏾

  9. Crystal

    I think this one is my favorite. Such a beautiful way to honor Raquel. ❤

  10. Hank

    Beautiful, my man, both your daughter and the poem in her honor.

  11. Lemitchel

    What’s amazing is… I saw every woman of strength, whom I know, in theses words. This is so nice, and a wonderful dedication.

  12. Metria

    Beautiful and eloquent choice of words. I love it. Great work Ricco!

  13. Written Quincey


  14. Danielle

    “Singing songs in A minor, pulled wagon” mm love that right there. Thank you for gifting those memories into the lines. I see her small and look at her now! Gorgeous, rising up, and she carries a piece of you.

  15. Tierra

    A daughter’s father is her first love, the love displayed in this work reflects the fathers love is eternal. Amazing read

  16. Jyl Johnson

    Our children are our why. She was born a poem to a poet. Look what your love has created. Wow!

  17. Phetote Mshairi

    The sense of pride in this poem, from a father to his daughter, is beautiful. It’s like looking at a piece of yourself and saying, “Well done!” Congratulations!

  18. Terry TheBeast James

    This takes me from birth and beginnings to the vigorous flourishing of present! Amazing! I practically inhaled baby lotion and exhaled understood feminism (I emphasize practically lol). LOVE IT AS ALWAYS, FRAT!

  19. Shea

    This was beautiful. Definitely in love with this poem!

  20. Laura Hudson

    Wow! What a gorgeous tribute. Preach on and keep encouraging our queens.

  21. Shannon Hill

    This was beautiful! Nothing like a Father’s love! You are one dope Father!

  22. Angie

    Very smooth, I like this!

  23. Mauricio Griffin

    This website is DOPE!! Dr. Wright you are Motivating us to keep at it !!!

  24. Paige Hilton

    Love it!! Nothing shocking about that though. Ricco, you are so talented.

  25. Bianca

    What a beautiful poem. My heart is moved to see how your love has evolved over the years for her. What a great father/daughter moment in time. Many blessings to both you and your daughter as you progress.

  26. Herlonda

    Your love and legacy in words. She will do great things!

  27. Andrea Megehee

    Lovely tribute to your daughter. Absolutely beautiful!

  28. Cheri Lindle

    Amazingly beautiful
    I can “see” your words in your heart and tone.
    You and your daughter are inspiring people…..(verb and adjective) huge hugggggggg

    • Ricco Wright

      Thank you, Cheri. I truly appreciate you. And Raquel does too.

  29. Ms. Bridget

    OMG Ricco….. I’m so impressed…… To see you grow up to the man you are now that speaks such wisdom…. and the LOVE and passion that you have for your daughter is beautiful…. the poem is beautiful and your daughter is beautiful….. I love it…. this is PRICELESS………


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