Hello internet audience. I have something quite special for you… No not a review that would make me look productive, sorry. Today I have a good-looking pre-recorded playlist for you, and as always it has a theme. This playlist’s theme is about something quite close to my heart: music festivals. Festivals are one of the many great things to enjoy over the summer, so I’m going to help you out by giving the big and little names at the festivals touring this summer from M83 to Ween to Flogging Molly. You’ll hear about them all right here, right now.

P.S.: the folks down at pre-recorded households really like the Youtube interface so we’re sticking with it. If you want to subscribe to my Youtube you can.

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2 Responses to “A Pre-recored Playlist for the Savvy Listener”

  1. Todd

    Go! is the song of the summer. I don’t know why September is in there but I LIKE IT!


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