Editor’s Note: The MSMA (Middle-School Music Aficionado) has requisitioned space on Calliope to drop news on his favorite new albums and playlists. We believe the children are our future, so we obliged.

Hello, didn’t see you there. Well since you’re reading how about you read my review of the new Thermals album- We Disappear.

Well to start off, let’s talk about what the album has–all those good Thermals riffs and all those riffs stay strong for the whole song. One of my favorite tracks is “Hey You”. The song contains the harmonized “oowahs” that are loved by so many Thermals fans.

Lightness and peppiness keep the album moving along. Ah! But what is this? A song that drags: “The Great Dying”. Yes, that is correct friends but that is one of the only weaknesses of this album. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good slow song like “Riot Van” by the Arctic Monkeys, “Riot” has other things in the song to make up for its pace like its witty lyrics but in “Dying” there just isn’t much going on. However, looking back on it the album’s tempo did sort of decrescendo into “Dying”.

Now let’s talk about some things We Disappear doesn’t have: huge guitar solos if that’s your kind of thing, complexity, but you don’t need that sometimes, and there are only one or two single-worthy songs–“Hey You” and “My Heart Went Cold”–instead of five or six, but not that many artists can achieve that.

Overall- 6/10. Worst song- The Great Dying. Best song- My Heart Went Cold.

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