it’s                              a                              CRYING                              sham(e),


                   like         the            Trail            of              Tears


in                               the                                19th                                 century,


                  that                                                                    we’re                


in                               the                                 21st                                    and     


     Columbus Day                                             “Columbine Us Day” 


 is                                 a                                federal                                 holiday


                    in                        /əˈmɛɹɪkə/                           and                  


Native                       American                        Day                                ain’t          


15 Responses to “Native American Day”

  1. Kimeisha

    Yes. Another well-written piece about an important truth that so many people are still ignoring.

  2. LaToya Mason

    This is America and this is brilliant.

  3. Phetote Mshairi

    The Natives (and also the unwilling imports) to this land, thank you for the poetic light that you shine. Keep shining, Bro!

  4. DeMi Moaning

    Nice work. You are putting the issues of today on the front line with history. Great work! Don’t quit!

  5. Andrea Megehee

    Creative. Short and mighty. Love it!

  6. Hank Jones

    A crying shame indeed. Columbine Us Day. Nicely done there. Evokes the insane violence that is part and parcel of Europeans coming to this continent.

  7. Tonya Pettit

    The intent of the verbal design pairs perfectly with the powerful content of your poetic mind. #creativegenius

  8. Elikana Kiheka

    I love it!!! It’s more creative than anything I’ve ever read.

  9. Aygul

    Very clever way of playing with words to make an important point. And as to the federal holiday thing, yeah, time to update US?

  10. David Sinclair

    Very introspective…an eclectic and creative response to ever changing time in which we are enslaved by governments theology of Columbus but yet are not freed due to the philosophical dogma of Columbine … in other words the belief in Columbus finding a free World is so doctrinated as truth but yet failing to find the fallacies in the indoctrination of enslavement to a world excuses events like Columbine

  11. Dajahn Rhone

    This is a very creative piece! Keep working.

  12. Mike Davis

    Very thought provoking I enjoyed this one . Keep up the good work Ricco.

  13. B. Sherrance Russell, Ph.D.

    Excellent job Doc bringing darkness to light in such a prophetic manner.., Keep shining frat…

  14. Ms. Friday

    Thank you….. Being a Native American……. Thank you again….. very very well written….. short and to the point….. MEANINGFUL and POWERFUL…… keep up the good work Dr. Ricco…..

  15. Casey

    My neighbor and friend told me that his grandmother’s name was Sapulpa. She and each member of her family were allotted an 80 acreage piece of this Indian Territory we call Oklahoma. The only way the land could be sold is for the seller to pay all federal back taxes. His is the only plot left.


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