we stand for something

that’s necessary all the time

considered absurd by some


but in every aspect is sublime

the ultimate quintessential

protector of the physical and the mental


yet so transcendental

that it’s esoteric

and sometimes hysteric


to the neo-fascist mind

that mistakes our kind

for mere actors of child’s play


but be that as it may

we know that one day

the children of the cornbread


will stop chasing that bread

and start embracing the fact

that beautiful is black


and that our ancestors

worked hard in them cotton fields

picking cotton for the white man


tipping his hat to the Klan

while never knowing

that who’s really enslaved


is the master himself…

but anyway


what we’re trying to convey

is that we stand for justice

so we kneel like the brave


8 Responses to “Justice”

  1. Big Daddy

    Truth to power, yes.

  2. Lukata Lawrence

    The master is enslaved in his wicked mindset. Justice is like the wind…….

  3. Hannibal B. Johnson

    That question, “Who’s the master; who’s the slave,” is one for the ages! Compelling.

  4. Brian Freeman

    Beautifully written! Love it.


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