In the end
I met with the boy
In the mirror
Holding on to a long bottle
And a square

He thought he knew
Yet his twisted temptations
Drew out the dragon’s claws
And a mouth
Of fire

He said
Only I can do it
Only I
Yet his eyes drifted
Far from his fathomed future
Shrouded in mystery
And cloaked in contempt

So I said
Break free little one
Break free
The thick glass
Will not hold the immortal soul

And then he knew
That although his enemies were close
His heart was closer
Reaching out
Bringing in

He sought out this love
For without unity
There could be no community
And destiny
Would be lost
In his faltering


2 Responses to “Johnnie Made Ya Walk”

  1. Vonnie Holliday

    This poem is infused with collateral thoughts that sway the reader to the side of life that causes one to examine their thoughts, stocked and stiff realities which have blows but areas of growth waiting to to be explored. Love it.


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