Hello internet audience. How are you at this moment? Because I’m quite excited to give you a pre-recorded review, and you might ask yourself “Pre, what quite exquisitely beautiful review do you have for us on this day?” I’ll tell you guys. A/B by the band Kaleo. Let’s start with a little history lesson.

It all begins in 2015 when a band that went as Kaleo released a single under the title “All the Pretty Girls.” This song got some good coverage and still crops up on radio channels today. Maybe six months after that song was released we all just sorta forgot about Kaleo. But wait there’s more! Around the turn of the year 2016 we got a single under the title “No Good,” and it featured something that we never had heard from Kaleo. Little did we know that that would be the new sound of this excellent band. After that we got another single, one of my personal favorites by them called “Way Down We Go” which was a bluesy guitar and lyrical stew of sadness. At this time I said to my boss, “I don’t think we’ll ever get a LP from this band.” A month later we got an LP named A/B.

So how would I describe Kaleo in a way that would give you a good idea in your head? How bout this: Kaleo is a non-satirical version of Ween, because almost every one of their songs is completely different from the last. So let’s go through all of the songs and I’ll give them a little review. First on the list is the single, “No Good.” It’s pretty great with a really good guitar solo. Then we have my favorite single, “Way Down We Go.”

Next up we have “Broken Bones,” which is a throwback to . . . the Seventies? No, further back. All the way to the beginning, the Delta Blues. Then we have “Glass House,” in which the Seventies are brought back and enhanced with a killer guitar solo for the ages. After that we are treated with a great road-tripping song called “Hot Blood”. Following “Hot Blood” we get “All The Pretty Girls” which I was never particularly a fan of but whatever. MOVING ON. Followed by that we have “Automobile,” which sounds like a Sturgill Simpson country song. The song caught me off guard, but I enjoyed it. ”Vor í vaglaskógi” is an Icelandic song by Kaleo in their native language. Finally, the last two songs, “Save Yourself” and “I Can’t Go on without You” are both nice touchy/feely songs to end an album.

      Well that ends it for that review. If you disagree or just want to say hi, drop a comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Full Album 8/10, Best Song: “Glass House”, Worst Song: “All The Pretty Girls”

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