There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch


Pay attention to daydreams

Wash your hands of crocodile tears

Say no to the hush money


Rewind the future

Defy space and time

Destroy illusions


See sound

Hear touch

Feel sight


Embrace failure

Find the philosopher’s stone

Examine yourself


Unlearn prejudice

Become your better self

Learn how to be


Eat hate away

Vomit indifference

Drink love


Unwrap the present

Harvest the days of old

Be fruitful forever


Strengthen your strengths

Shame no one

Feast on servings of wisdom


Wake up and smell the American Dream


12 Responses to “Free Lunch”

  1. Betty Pittman

    Totally agree. The first of many. Love your mindset.

  2. Chrstopher Emdin

    Brilliant. Words to live by.

  3. ProVerb.

    I needed to read this.
    Thank you big bro.

  4. Hannibal B. Johnson

    “Free Lunch,” should we embrace it, could be quite freeing.

  5. Andrea Megehee

    I share these same thoughts and feelings .. just don’t know how to put it into words like you. This was simple and beautiful.

    • Ricco Wright

      I’m glad that we share the same thoughts as kindred spirits do. And I’m sure you know how to put it into words like only you know how though. That’s a beautiful thing in and of itself. Be encouraged to write and share. The world awaits the legend in you.


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