It’s Friday night in America

I’m at home as usual

But no complaints

I’ve got company over

The sort of people you might know


Guest No. 1 is from South Africa

She’s poring over The Grapes of Wrath

Only two years old but simply delightful

She really improves the quality of my life

And has potent arguments when debating

But bellyaches when I mention Sideways

I wish she didn’t whine so much


Guest No. 2 is from Denmark

205 years old and awfully brilliant

He has dedicated his life to God

But I think we view Christianity differently

His sarcasm bewilders me

Perhaps I should learn his sense of humor

But philosophers aren’t typically amusing, are they?


Guest No. 3 is from Austria

He needs no introduction

For he’s older than all of us here combined

He loves playing piano

Especially Rondo in D Major

This guy never talks, he just plays all night

I wish he’d at least say hello


I suppose I better return to playing host

My guests are probably wondering where I am

And I think Guest No. 2 is criticizing Hegel again

Nevertheless, my humble abode feels like home

Thanks to the company I keep


18 Responses to “Feels Like Home”

  1. Courtney Kessler


  2. Anthony Crawford

    I felt like I was in a room full of disciples, or a room full of chiefs, or a room full of perspectives. #Dope.

  3. Jay

    Had me wanting more…

  4. Yielbonzie

    A Two year old Malbec from StellenbachI suppose?

  5. Judith

    I always knew you had it in you Ricco! This is a masterpiece!! Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats have nothing on you!

    • Ricco Wright

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed this. And I appreciate your kind words. I doubt I would’ve done well as a Romantic poet. At the same token, I doubt all three of them would do well as a 21st Century poet. Good thing the stars aligned well enough for the four of us to write in the eras meant for us.

  6. Brent Sherrance Russell, PhD

    Profound frat!!!

  7. Kiana Scott-Bey

    .all the way good.felt in my soul.

  8. Dawan

    Excellence at it’s best. Good job Ricco.

  9. Patrice

    Personification at its finest! Wish I was there tell everyone I said hello.☺

    • Ricco Wright

      Thank you. I’m sure they would’ve enjoyed your company as well. Especially the South African. She’s quite the social butterfly.


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