Dressed to the nines

in bright green opposite

her spirit radiating

her nature unassuming

she entered the party

turning heads

begetting whispers

as married men

staring death in the face

wedding bands ignored

failed to see

what lies beneath

the surface of her body

at the core where it’s rotten

like stale bread and old fruit

and when she spoke

they couldn’t hear

her red herrings

all they could hear

was the best part of her

and when she smiled

they went blind

her sweaty palms

as black as night

holding their power

as she walked past them

towards the door

leaving them

wanting more

and though in the past

they yearned to taste

every fruit of the Spirit

they lost all appetite

after eating

her sour candy

and all they could chew over

was how sweet

she really wasn’t

but when she finally

reached the door

their morals were vile

they started lamenting

screaming internally

seeking forgiveness

but were unable

to murmur repentance

because by then

it was too late

she left as quickly

as she came

gone with the wind

her body standing

before the long-standing cathedral

in the middle of the square

where her spirit summoned

her master and him only

to deliver the souls

of the newly lamented

into the red dirt

for his pleasure

till kingdom come


13 Responses to “Devil in a Red Dress”

  1. Gay Pasley

    I loved the imagery and the metaphor and look forward to reading more.

  2. Moenike Sims

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. Ivory

    Beautiful, I love your use of expression. I can feel and see the vision. Inspiring!!!!!

  4. DonDon

    Every time I read the writings of Ricco, it just gets better. Thanks for gifting us with your genius.

  5. Mike Bright

    True art. To be shared by all. Enjoyed the emphasis on light and dark.

  6. Sherri Johnson

    Caught my attention right away!! Very, Very good!! Your words are well put together and want to read more!!! Great Job!!!!

  7. Chris Medina

    Incredible imagery! I am so very impressed!

  8. Jordan

    Very inspiring piece of work!

  9. Della Rogers

    I love your work.

  10. Victoria

    Another Stunner, Ricco!

  11. Shane

    Ricco this is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of this painting i was shown recently🙌🏻👍🏻🤙🏻

  12. Serena

    The sensory details were amazing! Not only could I see what was happening, but I felt it too; I was picking up on wind. If I had to name a motif, I’d say the idea is “impulse.” Thank you for sharing, Ricco

  13. Danielle

    Damn, how do you prepare to look with your whole self into the woman in the red dress to recognize she stands to reveal your own truest integrity??? Live with wholeness, don’t fray, keep your whole mind together and know what makes you sweat!


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