bible-belted: pandemic one

why are tanning booths & beauty
salons open? an exquisite corpse.

bible-belted: pandemic two

on south beach, millennials
drink and frolic. boomers
aren’t worthy of attention.

bible-belted: pandemic three

at a local hospital, sixty-five
year olds are automatic dnr’s.
ok, boomer.

bible-belted: pandemic four

and why listen anyway? trump
a floundering befuddlement.
silas marner on his deathbed

bible-belted: pandemic five

the poor are disposable. feed
them to the highest bidder.
auction the rest on the stock

bible-belted: pandemic six

the economy
hungers so feed it. who cares?
drool the one percent.

bible-belted: pandemic seven

open letter to the homeless:



the federal government

bible-belted: pandemic eight

texas & ohio declare abortions
non-essential & unnecessary.
stay out of their vaginas.

bible-belted: pandemic nine

a man in arizona imbibes
chloroquine then dies.
trump prayed to god it works.

bible-belted: pandemic ten

cabin-feverish, we venture
in the wild to loot toilet
paper & bread. human instinct.


Other bible-belted poems can be found in Quraysh Ali Lansana’s the skin of dreams: new and collected poems 1995-2018, available at, and in Wal-Mart Republic, written with Christopher Stewart and available from The Calliope Group’s Bookshop Store.

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