Last month I was reminded

that I needed to find you again


You first came into my life

on a chilly March night back in ’96


I was fourteen years old


You found your way into my boombox

and I kept you there awhile


I haven’t listened to you much since then


I was also fourteen when I read The Prince

I was fifteen when I read The Art of War


I haven’t read any other Machiavelli since then


Now I play you over and over

because you’re that good


As if I’ve discovered something anew

like when I first heard Kind of Blue


I still feel the tears falling down my face


Or maybe it’s because I’m supposed to feel

fear and love at the same time


While listening to a man

named after a Peruvian revolutionary


Whatever the case I’m grateful to you

for being the means to justify my ends


I believe he’d be pleased with you

as I am and as you should be


Because the music is balanced

raw and beautiful


The mix is perfect

hardcore and sweet


And you are rough

but tremendously lyrical

7 Responses to “Against All Odds”

  1. B. Sherrance Russell, Ph.D.

    Good stuff, very reflective….

    • Ricco Wright

      You do know that I’m not the author of this poem, right? Jaymie Paige Stein is. But I do agree with you that the poem is good and very reflective. I dig it a lot.

    • Jaymie

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. BFF

    Amazing!!! I love the journey of that poem.

  3. DonDon TheDon NY

    Very cool, thanks for sharing that work.


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