To the question

                         Would America be America
                         without Christopher Columbus?

I answer

knowing that the question
is not only rhetorical
but also derisible
given American history

                         America wouldn’t be America
                         without theft
                         without genocide
                         without slavery
                         without …
                         without …
                         without …


3 Responses to “African American Rhetoric”

  1. Terry James

    An instant classic! Saying more than the lines, the rhetoric slices TRUTH with a side order of reality check! The loving continues!! Great stuff Frat!

  2. B. Sherrance Russell, Ph.D.

    Great work Brother Dr. Wright! America without…..
    Yes sir the truth speaks volume although painful it might actually be..

  3. Steve

    Simple, concise, true

    Kudos Good Brother


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