Have Yourself a Merry Little Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant is required by Internet Law to produce a listicle by the end of the year. Otherwise Russian hackers flood your site with topless Putin photos and Breitbart starts a rumor the basement of your offices … Continued

The Sound of One Rant Clapping

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. If you were to vanquish your desire, you might become enlightened. Or so the Buddha seemed to say after gaining his own enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. But people ascribe … Continued

The Rant You Save Might Be Your Own

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant would draw your attention to Westworld, the flawed but mesmerizing new series on HBO. The premise works because it requires no leap of faith or suspension of disbelief: humans have used advances in robotics and … Continued

Thanks for the Rants

Contrary to rumors, The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant enjoys many things.¬†We just think people should ratchet down their reaction to what they love and despise about a million notches. J.J. Abrams, after wildly entertaining you at the beginning of a … Continued

A Rant in Every Pot

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant can see, shimmering there in the distance, the end to our long national nightmare. Which will immediately be followed by candidates declaring for the 2020 presidential race and The Rant poking sharp instruments into our … Continued

The Rant Begins to Turn

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant enjoys a brisk stroll in the fall, a carpet of leaves beneath our feet, the smell of a chimenea burning contentedly on someone’s back porch. So The Rant would be thanking you to stop ruining … Continued

A Rant is Just a Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has been wondering how you convince someone to become something they already think they are. We had been enjoying our eggs and country ham at Phil’s Diner, the sort of place where the waitress calls … Continued

Big Apple Rant

New York, you’re perfect/Don’t, please don’t change a thing–LCD Soundsystem   The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant is back in the New York groove. You can feel the juice coming right out of the sidewalk. We understand the kids living here, … Continued

Rant Me Back to Tulsa

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant apologizes for the absence, but we have been helping decamp the Calliope World Wide Headquarters to Tulsa. The move became inevitable after the Cain’s Ballroom refused to lease us a cot under the hole Sid … Continued