A Confederacy of Rants

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has returned from the meeting of the minds at the annual conference. Our day job is philanthropy, which comes as a shock to some, but The Rant enjoys putting other people’s money where our mouth … Continued

Analog Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has waved farewell to the GTU (Grand Technological Utopia). Our life has not been transformed into an app-induced Nirvana where our every need gets fulfilled with digital pixie dust and untold riches await once we … Continued

Rebound Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant would like to inform all the Fanboys and gamers living in their parents’ basements, that no, you will not be Olivia Munn’s rebound from Aaron Rodgers. We know you have it all planned out: Stalking … Continued

Rant Study

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant stood on the corner last night waiting for Teen:The Sequel to emerge from the Panic! at the Disco concert. We have already written about Panic! and Brendon Urie’s wondrous abs elsewhere. We suddenly found ourselves … Continued

Rant Check

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant had to tell the offspring to put a stopper in it as their arguing was harshing our ability to enjoy Snickers ice cream. Never mess with The Rant’s enjoyment of the dairy equivalent of meth. … Continued


The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has been to the coast. We have seen Cali soggy and overcast, which is a bit like seeing grandma in her housecoat for the first time; the sunshine covers a multitude of sins. Forget the … Continued

Bonus Rant: Berkeley

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant says: let’s make some snap judgements about Berkeley! We’ve been here well nigh four hours which is less time than it takes for Stephen A. Smith to pretend he know the subconscious motivations of every … Continued

The Rant Takes Wing

I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world–Sadako Sasaki The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has embarked on a journey of a thousand miles with a single fold. We have set our sights on … Continued

And the Rant Goes To . . .

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant sends kudos to Adele for acknowledging she had no business winning a Grammy for album of the year when Lemonade¬†was nominated. She did everything but offer to adopt the twins and raise them as her … Continued

From Rant to Shining Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant says let’s Make America Safe Again and commence to banning even more people. Like the shady guy in produce at our local supermarket. The Rant has information from reliable sources in Frozen Foods that Mr. … Continued