Pre-Recorded Messages

Editor’s Note: The MSMA (Middle-School Music Aficionado) has requisitioned space on Calliope to drop news on his favorite new albums and playlists. We believe the children are our future, so we obliged. Hello, didn’t see you there. Well since you’re … Continued

Once More to the Office

As he buckled the swollen belt suddenly my groin felt the chill of death–E.B. White, Once More to the Lake I have to go into the office to check on a HVAC problem, so I grab The Tween to go … Continued

The Wages of Quen

Oklahoma City scored a print of Quentin Tarantino’s new movie The Hateful Eight, so we loaded up and headed out. That’s print, as in film, 70mm to be exact, shot on the same cameras used for Ben Hur. If you … Continued

Art for Life’s Sake

Too bad for you if you don’t know Cindy Zimmerman. Her taxonomy would go Artist, Philosopher Queen, Creator of Worlds (also of our Hurdy Gurdy logo), Communal Glue. She makes beauty and truth out of images and words and symbols … Continued

God of Dogs

If Richard Attenborough perfected the human crowd scene in all its facets (milling about, panic, violence, triumph) with the movie Ghandi, then Kornel Mundruczo has done the same for dogs in White God. I’m talking about real humans and real … Continued

The Children of Lot

A hotel without room service generally constitutes camping for me. But in preparing to travel to Connecticut for a writer’s conference, the airline fares and prospect of long layovers suddenly steeled my resolve to drive. And if I was driving, … Continued

The House is Always Empty

I discovered the poet Seamus Heaney in grad school. Being mad for Irish lit, I should have unearthed him sooner, but I hadn’t outgrown Modernism yet, and for the Irish that meant Joyce, Beckett, Yeats, and O’Brien. At least for … Continued

Know When to Fold

I learned how  to fold origami from the PBS show ZOOM. Produced in Boston, the show featured kids in striped rugby shirts running around, singing songs, telling awful jokes, teaching you their secret language Ubbi Dubbi, and showing you how … Continued

With Urgency

Chasing down a memory can lead to delightful places. I was thinking about the first concert I ever attended, Foreigner, and how I managed to get there. A new family had arrived at our church from California and had a … Continued

Who Is Love

Courtney Love gives me the fantods. So while I was looking forward to seeing the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck, I knew there would have to be a Courtney reckoning. About a third of the way into the film, … Continued