Red White and Feeling Blue

I’m sitting on a ridge in the Flinthills, watching the turbines on a wind farm do their thing. On the slope below some cows, probably Black Angus, graze on the spectacular shades of green still present after a spring and … Continued

Fear and Loathing in Dallas

Here’s the rule: In any hipster joint you have to employ one person over forty to cater to people like me. I was hipster before you were born dude. I have forgotten more beers than you and your handlebar mustache … Continued

Caffeine and Clarity

I frequent the sort of coffee place where everyone sits at the same spot each day. I recognize the faces; the barista starts my “usual” unless I request something different. The long communal table in the center is held down … Continued


Toward the end of the summer that lead into my ninth grade year, our neighbors the Gabas moved off the block.  Bobby Frampton gave up and went back to Compton, and Russell Bradley went back to Alabama, sent there by … Continued

Put it in a Letter

After my father died in January I had his mail forwarded to me.  There wasn’t much.  He was a long-retired mailman and an increasingly hermetic widower of seven years.  By August it had become a trickle of fundraising pleas from … Continued

Trump and the Evangelical Imagination

Evangelicals want their city on a hill to be a gated community. This tension between the desire to transform the world and to retreat from it always ends with seclusion the victor. Understanding this impulse sheds light on the political … Continued

Icelandic Everything

Hello internet audience. How are you at this moment? Because I’m quite excited to give you a pre-recorded review, and you might ask yourself “Pre, what quite exquisitely beautiful review do you have for us on this day?” I’ll tell … Continued

A Pre-recored Playlist for the Savvy Listener

Hello internet audience. I have something quite special for you… No not a review that would make me look productive, sorry. Today I have a good-looking pre-recorded playlist for you, and as always it has a theme. This playlist’s theme … Continued