Almost Dialed In

I have no complaints about the breadth and quality of the Indie music scene: my cup runneth over. But lately, supporting the up and coming kids has become increasingly taxing. The logo for the International Indie Music Union should be … Continued


for a real one 1. We met four years after you jumped the broom too soon.   By then you were the living dead. Your husband fathered a child   with another woman, knowing you always dreamt of being a   mother. And he shot down your self-confidence every time he   loaded up his pistol while awaiting his next call of duty.   2. You needed healing so I became your healer.   If I’m being honest, you’d said, I’d take a … Continued

Feels Like Home

It’s Friday night in America I’m at home as usual But no complaints I’ve got company over The sort of people you might know   Guest No. 1 is from South Africa She’s poring over The Grapes of Wrath Only two years old … Continued

Free Lunch

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch   Pay attention to daydreams Wash your hands of crocodile tears Say no to the hush money   Rewind the future Defy space and time Destroy illusions   See sound Hear … Continued

The What

What the horn blows resounds through my studio in the concrete jungle where pin oaks grow   What the bird sings resonates in my dreams at the break of dawn when in full swing   What the book dares me … Continued

Wait No Longer

When weeks or months or even years have past since you first imagined yourself starting a new   enterprise that you feel will positively impact your life, but you haven’t yet actualized it, and you still   feel strongly about it today as you did the first day, the source of the problem may be procrastination.   One way to solve this problem is to jot down what the enterprise is and then list three steps only you   could do to get … Continued


it was a tapestry of chords interwoven one into another progressing like a stampede   echoes of a language somewhat akin to love ricocheting off the wall commencing a symphony   everywhere and nowhere midway a journey steady, soft, and … Continued

Mathematics for Breakfast

Ever ate an algorithm with some statistics on the side?   Ever drank a homomorphism through the prism of capitalism?   Yes! said no one ever. But she knew the truth all along.   Yet they didn’t consider her credible. … Continued


we stand for something that’s necessary all the time considered absurd by some   but in every aspect is sublime the ultimate quintessential protector of the physical and the mental   yet so transcendental that it’s esoteric and sometimes hysteric … Continued


Detach yourself from a time to which you once belonged and for which you might be longing for the factors dictating its beauty are highly unlikely to exist again all at once as they once did   Life teaches that … Continued