The Rant Abhors a Vacuum

The Rant has been amused of late by all the celebrity hang-wringing over not getting complete, unquestioned love from the masses. Katy Perry still cannot believe that her mere presence on stage with Hillary Clinton did not ensure the presidency. … Continued

Rant Overload

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has been hither and yon of late, and we make the following observation: whether you support or loath our president, the incomprehensible nature of his behavior can no longer be processed, so something’s gotta give. … Continued

Ce N’est Pas un Rant (This is Not a Rant)

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant can’t believe 500 years have passed since the start of the Protestant Reformation. Seems like just yesterday Martin pounded out those theses and left them on the Wittenberg door. Where does the time go? Luther, … Continued

Big Trouble in a Little Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant enjoyed the popcorn entertainment afforded by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We demand a streaming service that is nothing but Baby Groot dancing to 80s music. What we did not enjoy was the trailer … Continued

A Confederacy of Rants

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has returned from the meeting of the minds at the annual conference. Our day job is philanthropy, which comes as a shock to some, but The Rant enjoys putting other people’s money where our mouth … Continued

Fear and Loathing in Dallas

Here’s the rule: In any hipster joint you have to employ one person over forty to cater to people like me. I was hipster before you were born dude. I have forgotten more beers than you and your handlebar mustache … Continued

Analog Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant has waved farewell to the GTU (Grand Technological Utopia). Our life has not been transformed into an app-induced Nirvana where our every need gets fulfilled with digital pixie dust and untold riches await once we … Continued

Rebound Rant

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant would like to inform all the Fanboys and gamers living in their parents’ basements, that no, you will not be Olivia Munn’s rebound from Aaron Rodgers. We know you have it all planned out: Stalking … Continued

Rant Study

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant stood on the corner last night waiting for Teen:The Sequel to emerge from the Panic! at the Disco concert. We have already written about Panic! and Brendon Urie’s wondrous abs elsewhere. We suddenly found ourselves … Continued

Rant Check

The Wednesday Pop Culture Rant had to tell the offspring to put a stopper in it as their arguing was harshing our ability to enjoy Snickers ice cream. Never mess with The Rant’s enjoyment of the dairy equivalent of meth. … Continued