it was a tapestry of chords interwoven one into another progressing like a stampede   echoes of a language somewhat akin to love ricocheting off the wall commencing a symphony   everywhere and nowhere midway a journey steady, soft, and … Continued

Mathematics for Breakfast

Ever ate an algorithm with some statistics on the side?   Ever drank a homomorphism through the prism of capitalism?   Yes! said no one ever. But she knew the truth all along.   Yet they didn’t consider her credible. … Continued


we stand for something that’s necessary all the time considered absurd by some   but in every aspect is sublime the ultimate quintessential protector of the physical and the mental   yet so transcendental that it’s esoteric and sometimes hysteric … Continued

You Play with Matches, You Get Burned

“For that man be delivered from revenge: that is the bridge to the highest hope for me, and a rainbow after long storms.” – Nietzsche It is widely known that Heidegger’s career had at least two periods wherein his position … Continued


Detach yourself from a time to which you once belonged and for which you might be longing for the factors dictating its beauty are highly unlikely to exist again all at once as they once did   Life teaches that … Continued

‘Round Midnight

The candles flicker in the dark in rhythm, as the record plays. Seated at the tavern are kindred spirits soon to be in a daze. It’s ’round midnight round here but no one seems to know. They talk of men … Continued

Journey, not Destination

artist, create now for your perfection is sure to be the Achilles heel to your creativity and despite your personal strivings likely you won’t see any work to its end but instead will see many new beginnings very much in … Continued

The Light

Rappers delighted in him. His hustle was their soul food. So they championed his power moves. There was Ice-T. There was Phife Dawg. There was Kendrick Lamar. All revered him as a boss. For he controlled shit like the Fates. … Continued

A Four Isms

If today were yesterday What would tomorrow bring?   Why picture Gertrude Stein wearing Jordans And not picture Michael Jordan reading Gertrude?   Cambria never was a good font I use it because there are no windows in my office … Continued