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Free Lunch

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch   Pay attention to daydreams Wash your hands of crocodile tears Say no to the hush money   Rewind the future Defy space and time Destroy illusions   See sound Hear … Continued

The What

What the horn blows resounds through my studio in the concrete jungle where pin oaks grow   What the bird sings resonates in my dreams at the break of dawn when in full swing   What the book dares me … Continued

Wait No Longer

When weeks or months or even years have past since you first imagined yourself starting a new   enterprise that you feel will positively impact your life, but you haven’t yet actualized it, and you still   feel strongly about it today as you did the first day, the source of the problem may be procrastination.   One way to solve this problem is to jot down what the enterprise is and then list three steps only you   could do to get … Continued

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